It all started when a brilliant 24-year-old toolmaker who worked for Magneti Marelli, Ernesto Malvestiti, decided to pursue his dream and bring it to fruition with competence, creativity, and dedication. He will succeed, perhaps even beyond his own expectations, so much so that today, in its third generation, Malvestiti Group is a global leader in the fine blanking and lamination market.
While, for some years, Malvestiti almost exclusively dealt with the creation of progressive dies, the company management’s ability to innovate and look to the future has led to the birth of a solid group, with an Italian heart and an international vocation. A group that is not limited to die construction but one that features largely in the Italian manufacturing landscape.
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Mission & Vision

Making a difference through innovation. Malvestiti produced the first blanking die with carbide as early as 1958, when no one, or almost no one, believed in this technology, which would later mark the lamination die blanking sector for generations to come. A few years later, it was the turn of fine blanking. Today, more than half a century later, technologies have changed, but what has never changed is the spirit and desire to innovate.

in the world

Malvestiti in the world Six locations in Europe and four in Asia for a Group with an international vocation but with the typical Made-in-Italy heart and values. Malvestiti Group can count on its Italian operational offices in Cinisello Balsamo (MI), where in addition to the die construction division, the group’s headquarters are also located, as well as the Muggiò office where the blanking divisions are located. The group’s other European representative offices are located in the French capital, Paris and in Homburg (Germany). But Malvestiti Group’s operations in the world have grown over the years with the development of office premises in Chennai, India, and three production sites dedicated to die construction, fine blanking, and conventional blanking. These facilities are located near the main automotive hubs so as to ensure our customers the maximum speed for any need.
MALVESTITI GROUP IS ESTABLISHED Made in Malvestiti goes global with Malvestiti Group. We are not satisfied with designing and manufacturing high-precision blanking dies with both steel and carbide blanking parts. With the creation of an international group, we are able to follow each stage of development, planning, co-design and the production process at every stage internally. For production at the limits of feasibility and quality that knows no bounds.
Malvestiti SPA AND ITS DIVISIONS Four divisions and three company laboratories, two for parts dimensional control and a fully equipped metallography laboratory to analyze the structure of materials are just some of the tools that Malvestiti Group puts at the service of its customers. The rest is done by research and development processes and an approach that unites each division: quality is everyone’s responsibility.

Toolshop Division: why do customers have to wait in vain when we can quickly satisfy all their requests? Our Toolshop division was born from the desire to meet this need and ensure complete internal management of all processes so as to be able to provide guarantee for every single stage.

Fine Blanking Division: pieces with smooth, orthogonal and tear-free cutting surfaces are made here with a precision level that minimizes and even eliminates reworking. It is no coincidence that Malvestiti Group is considered a global reference in the fine blanking sector.

Lamination Division: our presses, equipped with a die management IT system for the production of rotor and stator packs, ensure the rotation of the lamination dies for versatile machining directly on the machine.

Conventional Blanking Division: mechanical presses whose tonnage is between 50 and 450 Tons, capable of creating complex components to cater to various industries.
COLLABORATION WITH MIM Since 2011, Malvestiti Group has been actively collaborating with their joint venture partner company based in Chennai, India called Mudhra Fine Blanc Pvt Ltd, a key supplier of components to Indian and Global Tier-1s based in India, for both automotive and non-automotive applications. Besides their core areas of fine blanking and stamping, Mudhra is also developing the lamination stamping activity in Chennai, considering the strong market opportunity in India. This choice has confirmed the Group’s internationalization and desire to ensure its increasingly wider presence, on a global level, for all its customers. 
PARTNERS Unity is strength. This is why over the years Malvestiti Group has selected a small group of highly reliable partners for the design and construction of dies for the processing of thermoplastic and thermosetting resins intended for the production of high-precision components, and in the sheet-metal molding sector, paying particular attention to drawing dies.
Commercial offices In addition to the production hubs, Malvestiti Group’s operations in the world are ensured by a global network of commercial offices.


At Malvestiti Group, we do not only promote the sustainability of production processes according to ISO 14001 certification, but we are committed every day to reducing energy consumption and emissions by adopting virtuous behavior and pursuing a culture of sustainability. This commitment does not stop here. It continues with the process of obtaining ISO 16039 certification for the company’s environmental impact reduction procedure and ISO 50001 for energy management systems.


For us at Malvestiti Group, ensuring the best means providing all our employees and collaborators with all the conditions needed to express themselves to their fullest potential in a transparent, professional and stimulating environment. For any additional information, please read our code of ethics.

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Allow those who work with you to achieve their best skills and have the finest tools at their disposal in order to spare no effort. Malvestiti Academy was born with this goal in mind.
An on-the-job training course for all young people and newly hired personnel but also a tool accessible to all workers who wish to improve their technical skills. A special place where to do research, try out new ideas and new projects.

Because investing in people means making sure that every single piece is always the expression of something more.