Established in 1945, E. Malvestiti Spa designs and manufactures high-precision blanking dies with shearing parts in both steel and carbide. A high degree of experience, acquired through years of continuous operation in the cold forming of sheet metal, guarantees in-depth knowledge of the technology and enables us to tackle any project, often at the limits of feasibility.

We operate on two sites. The original site in Cinisello Balsamo, where we produce dies, and the site in Muggiò, built in 1998, where we make blanked parts and finish the products.
The three die construction and blanking sectors in which we have worked successfully for over 70 years are:

  • fine blanking
  • traditional blanking
  • magnetic laminations

We have offices and production sites in Europe (Italy, France, Germany and Russia) and Asia (India), allowing us to serve markets all over the world.

Our expertise means we can follow the customer through all stages of the project, from conception through to the end product, guaranteeing support, precision and reliability at all times.

Our production sites work in compliance with the strictest quality standards:

  • ISO 9001 (since 1997)
  • Iso-14001 (since  2011)
  • Iso-Ts 16949 (since  2001)

Our passion for precision leads us to treat every project as a challenge, at times allowing us to push the boundaries of technology.


“I believe in the technology of mankind”. This motto from Ernesto Malvestiti inspires our approach to innovation: a daily challenge to be faced by mankind before machines.
Indeed it is mankind who has the vision and uses technical evolution to develop it.
We focus on the relationship with our customers to create truly “custom made” solutions.
Training and motivation of our personnel are of prime importance, as is keeping all of our equipment, instruments and software up to date. In almost seventy years of activity, we have learnt that the best way to push innovation forward is “contamination” between technologies: a solution found for one project may often help to move forward or improve another process.


Because we push the boundaries.

Our passion for precision leads us to treat every project as a challenge. A challenge that we want to win, at times pushing technology beyond known limits.

Because we are a solid company.

We invest profits back into the company. A company born from determination and passion. A company that has reached the third generation, financially strong… ready to face the future.

Because we are fair.

We acknowledge any mistakes we make. But above all, we establish transparent, professional and ethical relationships with anyone that we deal with: customers, suppliers, workers, employees or stakeholders.

Because we always find a solution.

Your problems are our problems. So we increase our commitment, use more imagination and become more exacting.
More enthusiasm to offer you the best solution.

Because we offer you better service, immediately.

When you call, we are ready. Ready to give you advice, ready to move, ready to find a solution.
Ready to meet you, even at the ends of the earth.

Because we are punctual.

We respect design and delivery times. We also use smart logistics, which offer complete traceability for all products and spare parts.


We do business, the right way.

A solid business must be based on respect for people and the environment.
We have tried to put this idea into effect over the last seventy years, before any Italian or European law made it compulsory.
Improving working conditions, respecting ethical principals, successfully combining competitiveness and respect for the environment… all of this is an integral part of the way we work.
We try to recruit personnel from local communities in the areas where we operate.
But the best integration with the environment in which we work goes beyond this.
We promote sustainable production processes in compliance with the ISO 14001 certification, obtained in 2011. Because we compete for business abroad, we also comply with international regulations.
We have also decided to pursue the guidelines for the ISO 26000 certification concerning ethics… a decision that came naturally for us.