The fine blanking division moved to the new site in Muggiò in 1998. We currently run the division with more than 27 presses, from 1600KN to 15500 kN, and we are the only European industrial company to possess the complete range of presses available on the market.

The division has been structured to create a fluid work process and facilitate tests and inspections. The fine blanking parts are of the utmost quality and precision and are used in various sectors: automobiles, domestic appliances, hobbies, gardening and the nuclear industry.

We are considered world leaders in the field of fine blanking. This is partly thanks to the close working relationship that we have managed to develop with our die construction division based in Cinisello Balsamo. This continuous integration helps to improve products and processes.

We are constantly updating our machines and because our range of machines is the widest available in Europe we can produce any part, in the times and quantities required.
The presses available for fine blanking, from 1600 KN to 15500 KN, are all CNC and offer additional hydraulic effects, which combined with the three traditional effects make it possible to produce parts at the limits of feasibility.

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The presses available, from 1250 kN to 3000 kN, achieve up to 800 blows/min and are equipped with a computerised die management system for the production of rotor and stator packs finished to set heights. These inserts make it possible for laminations to be rotated in order to compensate any error in the thickness of the sheet metal to be blanked. In particular, the Autograf die developed by us in 1980 offers versatility in terms of machining parts directly on the machine.
In addition, our advanced blanking department can perform strict tests to provide information and technical solutions designed to meet the client’s requirements before the dies are dispatched.

> AUTOGRAF Technology

We have been designing and producing laminations for electric motors using carbide dies to meet the needs of the electromechanical and automotive industry since the Sixties. Having our own blanking department has enabled us to check the validity and effectiveness of our designs, saving valuable time. Indeed, after producing an experimental die for the production of packed helical rotors in 1980, we created the AUTOGRAF system. This system offers safe, reliable technology that has enjoyed great success within its field. It is used in tens and thousands of dies.

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We are specialised in the design and production of components with sophisticated and complex geometric shapes. The sheet metal is machined through a series of progressive steps using a single progressive die, eliminating the need for multiple independent dies.
The expertise acquired in this particular technology has enabled us to achieve and maintain a leading role in the design and construction of dies.
Our division uses twin column presses of up to 5000 kN for progressive dies and transfers with the “Link Lever” system.


Malvestiti offers a series of finishes designed to provide products that are as complete as possible, ready to use in subsequent production cycles. A series of operations performed in a precise manner and in compliance with the highest standards of reliability and quality :

  • washing
  • tumbling
  • grinding
  • heat treatments and surface treatments
  • plastic coatings
  • over moulding
  • assembly
  • laser welding